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Atchara Juicharern, Ph.D.   ดร. อัจฉรา จุ้ยเจริญ

Managing Director and Founder – AcComm & Image International

ICF Certified Coach. Author and the developer of ACSTH and CCE programs – delivered in Thai or English.

The author of “Leader as Coach” (Thai language book)

Atchara has helped many leading organizations in Thailand and other countries develop leadership and various people development programmes. She has successfully developed & coached leaders at all levels during their transitions and in people management strategy. In 2014, she was recognized as one of the ten wonder women in business by WOMAN PLUS Magazine by GM Group.

Atchara has Ph. D. in Management Development, an international program at NIDA. Atchara is also awarded a Distinguished Alumni Award from NIDA in 2012. She successfully completed the Leading Professional Service Firms, a world-renowned Executive Education Programs from Harvard Business School.

Atchara was also awarded “the best manager of the year” in 1997 while working with Northwest Airlines.

With international experience in participating & speaking at several executive and academic forums, Atchara always brings our clients the creative, reliable and practical interventions. With over 18-year experience in the field, she has successful track record in leading change programmes, assessment, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) development, strategic team development and many other individual and group coaching programmes.

Training.  Coching. Consulting

ICF Approved Coach Training Hours Programs

Leadership Development Affiliate of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith in Thailand.

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