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For one-to-one coaching,  we employ Marshall Goldsmith’s model of leadership & behavioral coaching. Our coaches have wide experience helping leaders change and succeed.


Atchara Juicharern, Ph.D., (Cara)
Chief Executive Officer at AcComm Group

AcComm and Image International Co., Ltd. and Leadership & Coaching Solutions Co., Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer at AcComm and Image International Co., Ltd.

  • The author of a best-selling book “Leader as Coach”
  • #1 Coach in Asia – The Leading Global Coaches Winner of THE THINKERS50 MARSHALL GOLDSMITH COACHING AWARD, LONDON 2019
  • Winner of Thailand Woman Leadership Award 2018 and Asia’s Woman Leaders Award 2019 by CMO Asia

Atchara (Cara) created “Leader as Coach” development programme and learning ecosystem for executives and leaders. The program was the first Leader as Coach programme in Thailand that received ICF – CCE Approval.

Atchara has helped leading organizations in Thailand and other countries develop leadership and people development programme. She has successfully coached leaders at all levels during their transitions and in people management strategy. Atchara always supports her clients with the creative, reliable and practical interventions.

Atchara was awarded “The Best Manager of the Year” in 1997 while working with Northwest Airlines.  With international work experience and success, she is regularly invited to speak at conferences and executive forums.

Atchara has Ph. D. in Management Development, an international program at NIDA. Atchara is also awarded a Distinguished Alumni Award from NIDA in 2012.

In 2014, she was recognized as one of the ten wonder women in business by WOMAN PLUS Magazine by GM Group. In 2018, she was invited to give interview to the magazine once again as a Thailand Top Influencer in Coaching.

With over 18-year experience in the field, she has customized and delivered successful programme;   leadership assessment & development, leading change, coaching culture, EQ, navigating strategic team, organization agility, transformation etc..


Interview “Path to Number One Leadership Coach” by Post Today Newspaper

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Thailand Top Inlfuencer in Coaching – Interview by GM Magazine


Atchara Juicharern gave interview to GM Magazine as a Thailand Top Influencer in Coaching.

ดร.อัจฉรา จุ้ยเจริญ ให้สัมภาษณ์ใน GM Magazine – Thailand Top Influencer 2018

Atchara Juicharern Thailand Top Influencer in CoachingAtchara Juicharern - Thailand Top Influencer in Coaching

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ดร.อัจฉรา จุ้ยเจริญ ให้สัมภาษณ์ ใน GMBIZ Magazine – September, Voice of Executives

GMBIZ - Voice of Executives, Interview of Atchara Juicharern

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